How Soon Can You Purchase After A Short Sale

How Soon Can You Purchase After A Short Sale

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So you had a short-sale a few years ago. Whether it was due to the housing market, job loss, family change, doesn't matter. It's on your credit report.

Hopefully you've been working towards home ownership again. You've been paying all your bills on time, didn't get too many credit cards, been saving any bit of extra cash for a down payment.

You've been thinking you want your life back! The life where you owned your own home instead of increasing the equity for your landlord's investment.

Quite honestly there are so many different variables to consider I don't have a black and white answer for you. Some, in a year. Some, 3 years. The rules have continued to change. 

When short-sales first started it was going to be 4-7 years before you could re-purchase. Now I've seen people be able to do it in a month. Yes, I know, crazy right? Most are about 2 years minimum. But, again, there are restrictions on who can and who can't, and time parameters.

I recommend that you speak with a trusted mortgage lender. One that has been kept current on all the regulations. One that has a trick up their sleeve could help too!

If you'd like a referral from me for one of the lenders I would trust with my own loans, just pop me a message. Use the 'CONTACT LAUREN' tab at the top of the page and I'll respond to you in under 2 hours with some great lender referrals. Well, if it's late at night you may not hear from me til morning. I'm not a robot, I'm a live person!

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